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Released in partnership by the Government of Canada, the Province of Manitoba and the City of Brandon.

Brandon’s flood protection system will be strengthened and improved for the safety of all residents and properties thanks to funding for permanent infrastructure for Manitoba’s second largest city announced today.

The Brandon Flood Protection System Enhancements Project has three components and builds on new linear dike construction already completed along 18th Street North.

The first will enhance the linear dike system within the city, including both improvements to the dikes and the dike drainage systems. Specifically, linear dikes already in place on the north and south sides of the Assiniboine River will be improved to ensure their structural integrity against future flood events. They will be long and high enough that at-risk areas will be protected to a 1 in 300-year flood protection level.

The second component involves upgrades to the lift station along the Assiniboine River corridor to ensure residents on the north side of the river are able to retain domestic sewer services in the event of flooding. Thirdly, Provincial Trunk Highway 110 will benefit from enhanced flood protection through the construction of a dike to protect this important transportation and access route.

The project was announced after an agreement was made between the federal and provincial governments to redirect cost savings of $38 million from the Red River Floodway expansion project towards new flood mitigation projects elsewhere in the province. The other project involves upgrading the emergency and temporary diking constructed in seven small communities following the floods of 2011 and making them permanent structures. The funding announcement took place on June 24th in West St. Paul.

Quick Facts

  • The Government of Canada will provide up to $12.25 million through the Building Canada Fund— Major Infrastructure Component. Federal funding is conditional upon the signing of a contribution agreement.
  • The Province of Manitoba will contribute another $12.25 million to the project.
  • The City of Brandon will contribute up to $2.5 million to the total eligible project cost of $27 million.



“This funding will support much needed flood mitigation infrastructure for the City of Brandon and builds on the existing dike system, which will go a long way to enhance the safety of our homes, businesses and roads. Our Government will continue to deliver on our commitment to support safe, modern infrastructure for all Canadians as we focus on creating jobs, promoting growth, and building strong, prosperous communities in Manitoba, and across Canada.”

Larry Maguire
Member of Parliament for Brandon—Souris


“Completing the floodway expansion on time and under budget has allowed us to invest the savings in permanent protection for families, businesses and Brandon’s economy against more frequent and severe flooding on the Assiniboine River. Critical infrastructure like this is central to our government’s plan to create good jobs and steady economic growth.”

Drew Caldwell
MLA for Brandon East


“Amidst Brandon’s historic 2011 flood response, the Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba committed to help us improve our community flood protection system. We have been working hard ever since then to develop our long-term flood mitigation strategy and we are pleased that it will receive the funding needed to ensure all citizens of Brandon can be kept safe in the event of another historic flooding event.”

Shari Decter Hirst
Mayor of the City of Brandon

Funding Annoucement Larry Maguire