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July 3, 2014, 10:15 AM - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

  • The river level as of this morning is 1175.93 feet above sea level, which is up roughly half a foot since yesterday.
  • The projected peak is 1182.60 feet above sea level. It is anticipated that the river will peak on approximately July 11th and we are expecting this to be a short duration with the peak lasting only a couple of days before it begins to recede. This is dependent on any rainfall.
  • The dike has been filled to block the ditch off at 18th Street and Kirkcaldy Drive and will be filled in to block Conservation Drive.
  • Crews will be working at closing Grand Valley Road over the next 2 days.
  • All of the problematic manholes have been blocked which numbers approximately 20.
  • 23 pumps have arrived in Brandon and will be set up in required areas by the weekend.
  • We will be opening the fence behind the Corral Centre on Cater Drive to allow traffic to travel north if the need arises. This roadway will be barricaded until needed.
  • The Police and Fire have made arrangements for secondary locations north of the river.
  • Residents are reminded to obey the barricades and stay out of parks as well as off the river.
  • Our understanding that PTH 110 has been re-opened.
  • The City is currently mobilizing equipment to open Victoria Avenue East.
  • Measures have been taken at the Water Treatment Plant and at the Wastewater Treatment Plant to protect those buildings
  • Parks crews are continuing with tree clean-up following the weekend storm.
  • There is no intention to evacuate people at this time, however a general overview of an evacuation plan will be provided through door to door drops to the residents and businesses in the potentially affected areas north and south of the river. We foresee this happening over the next few days.
  • Any homes in areas where flooding has been an issue in the past should, as a precaution, move any valuables to higher ground (i.e. from the basement to the main floor)
  • If residents require information or have any questions, they can call the Enquiry Centre at 729-2186 between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.
  • As well, the Media Centre phone number is 729-2287 and it is also open during those hours.
  • If the need arises these hours will be extended.