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July 4rd, 2014 (5:00pm) - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

  • The river level as of this afternoon has risen to 1180.05 feet above sea level measured at 1st Street.
  • The Province has advised that the projected peak is now 1182.89 feet above sea level and is expected to arrive sooner than anticipated. They are projecting a quick peak by tomorrow at noon. We should see the water recede slightly for a couple of days, peak again, and then remain for a couple of weeks. This is a new type of flood and therefore very difficult to predict.
  • The Province has declared a State of Provincial Emergency as of today.
  • Pre-evacuation notices are being delivered this evening to areas north and south of the river starting at 6:00pm. Evacuation centres have been secured at ACC North Hill Campus and the Keystone Centre. Arrangements are being made with regard to handi-transit, registration, translation services, lodging, etc. Notice of evacuation will be broadcast through the alerting siren, media, local radio stations, social media, the City’s website ( and door to door visitations. Two buses are staged at the Airport and the Brandon School Division Fleet is on standby if need be.
  • A 12” pump was installed at the Water Treatment Plant to manage the filter backwash.
  • Brandon Police Service will be providing traffic control throughout the City with the focus being on minimizing traffic on 18th Street. They will also be prepared to assist with evacuation if the need arises. Any required temporary signage to assist with re-routing traffic will be put in place.
  • Brandon Police Service are currently setting up their secondary location north of the river.
  • Work is continuing on the Grand Valley dike to ensure it is stable enough to withstand the flow of water. Crews are working adjacent to Eleanor Kidd Park and building up the dike curves. Conservation Drive will be done as soon as possible.
  • Pumps are in place in blocked storm water manholes as required.
  • The drainage system has recovered somewhat and there is capacity if we have a rainstorm in the next few days. Just be patient as water will collect and will need to be pumped.
  • The Fire Department is set up at their secondary location north of the dike
  • The Emergency Operations Centre and Media Centre will be operating 24 hours a day for the next few days and staff have been scheduled in all areas.
  • The Enquiry Centre will remain open from 8-8. These hours will be expanded if necessary.