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City of Brandon River Flooding Media Briefing 

July 5th - 10 a.m. 


·          The river level as of this morning has risen to 1181.8 feet above sea level measured at 1st Street. This leaves us with 2 ½ feet to the top of the dike.  We are preparing for what we had in 2011 which would take us to 1182.89 feet and that would leave us with 1 ½ feet to the top of the dike.

·         We have identified one low spot on the south dike and are in the process of adding clay to that area. 

·         Crews have finished the dike work and have finished closing Grand Valley Road. With the exception of the one low spot we are currently working on, we are comfortable with the work that has been done. 

·         We have stockpiles of clay and rock on both sides of the river as well as staged equipment. 

·         A reminder to everyone that at this time we have no intention of evacuating.  No one has been evacuated from Brandon. We have plans and people in place that can be activated at a moment’s notice.  There was some preplanning information delivered to residences last evening by Mayor and Council and volunteers.  Everyone in the City is part of the response team and one of the roles that residents in the potential evacuated areas can take is to think about where you might stay if you were evacuated, because obviously we don’t have enough hotels for everyone.  We would suggest a phone call to friends or relatives outside the evacuation zone to make arrangements to stay with them should you need to.

·         There is a multicultural festival at Princess Park today.  Just a reminder to people who may be  attending that, if the siren goes off, the first thing you should do is listen to a local radio station to see what the message is.  Do not assume it is about the river as it could be about something else entirely.  If it does have something to do with the river people will not be permitted to go to that area. 

·         All 4 lanes of traffic are open again on 18th Street but we may have to close lanes if additional work is required.  457 (low road to Shilo) will be open at noon.  Hwy 110 will be open at noon today with 1 lane traffic and flagpersons at each end. 

·         We continue to make sandbags in case they are needed.

·         Brandon School Division has their transportation fleet on ½ hour standby.

·         Measures have been taken at the water treatment and the wastewater treatment plant to ensure those facilities can continue to operate. 

·         A secondary location for Police and Fire have been located north of the river with sufficient staff and equipment to respond if required.

·         As with everyone in Brandon we continue to monitor the weather and we understand the increased likelihood of a summer storm tonight. You can be assured that the City of Brandon will respond to the best of our abilities to manage whatever happens.  

·         Residents are reminded to stay away from barricaded parks and especially to stay away from the river.  The current is very strong and the river is very dangerous at this time.

·         Brandon Police Service has set up an incident command centre at the police station.

·         Traffic members are monitoring traffic from 8:00am to 8:00pm today along 18th Street.

·         The Emergency Operations Centre and the Media Centre will be operating 24 hours a day for the next few days and staff have been scheduled in all areas.

·         The Enquiry Centre will remain open from 8-8 and if required, additional staffing will be arranged.    The Enquiry Line is 204-729-2186.