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City of Brandon River Flooding Media Update

July 6th, 2014 – 10 a.m.

  • The river level as of this morning is 1182.64 feet above sea level measured at 1st Street, which is up 3” since 9:00 pm last night. We will continue to take readings about every 3 hours.
  • The storm did not impact the dike. Any water on the streets was rain water, not river water.
  • Following the storm, the damage was concentrated between Park Avenue and Crocus Plains High School and between 1ststreet and 18th street. There were in excess of 150 calls through the E911 Centre involving downed trees, blocked traffic, and power outages. The majority of damage is dozens of completely uprooted trees down, with 8-10 blocking streets in some fashion, 4-5 completely blocking the street. Power lines were down in at least 2 locations and Manitoba Hydro responded quickly. This caused street lights to be out and some traffic signals were not working. Arborists dealt with some of the major trees last night and City crews have barricaded other areas with downed trees until the arborist can deal with them. Residents are asked to stay away from the problem areas and let crews do their work.
  • We worked last evening to stabilize a storm sewer manhole on the south side of the river at 17th Street East that was flooding onto the street. There will continue to be water running out of this and we have pumps in place that are managing the water. One of our flood response partners, CP Rail, provided us with an additional pump to aid in managing this.
  • The Multicultural Summer festival in Princess Park was shut down early when the lightning started. The park was successfully vacated.
  • There is some water coming through cracks in the asphalt at the intersection of 18th Street North and Kirkcaldy Drive. This is because the ground is saturated due to the high river level. This also happened in 2011 and people should not be alarmed. Pumps will be placed in the area if required.
  • Six additional pumps are going to be brought in to alleviate pressure in some areas and to ensure extra pumps are available if there are any mechanical issues.
  • The Emergency Social Services team is ready to put the evacuation plan into action, if the need arises. They met with the reception centre managers yesterday and have streamlined the process considerably. Because there could be double the amount of evacuees here is something to think about - everyone in the City is part of the response team and one of the roles that residents in the potential evacuated areas can take is to think about where you might stay if you were evacuated, because obviously we don’t have enough hotels for everyone. We would suggest a phone call to friends or relatives outside the evacuation zone to make arrangements to stay with them should you need to.
  • The fire in the building across the street from City Hall is totally unrelated to the storm. Prairie Mountain Health loaned 2 ambulances to assist in Brandon while firefighters were busy extinguishing the fire.
  • Brandon Police Service advises that traffic on 18th Street flowed well yesterday. They charged 14 people for various traffic offences in that area. There are alternate exit routes in place to avoid congestion on 18th Street. People are encouraged to use Hwy 1A or Hwy 10 south to leave the City. One person was charged with trespassing for swimming at 1st Street North. Additional “no trespassing” signs were installed, and police tape was used in some areas as well. Security Services will be assisting to monitor 1st Street North and the dike going forward. Brandon Police Service will continue to manage traffic on 18th Street North while 1stStreet is closed.
  • Brandon Police Service issued two releases last night regarding trespassing and potential fines for trespassing on the dike, and they will pursue that further going forward. A fine for trespassing is $113.
  • Hwy #110 from Richmond Avenue to the Trans Canada is closed again because of water flowing over the road.
  • Street sweepers will be out today to clean the gravel off the roads so it doesn’t clog the system. Residents are encouraged to clean the catch basins on their streets and put the debris into their compost bins instead of piling it on the boulevards.
  • Clean up assistance has been offered by The Christian Aid Ministries. They can be contacted at: 1-800-231-9916 or 1-807-275-9372 as well as The Mennonite Disaster Relief Service who can be contacted at: 204-739-3392
  • The Enquiry Centre will remain open from 8-8 and if required, additional staffing will be arranged. The phone number is 729-2186.